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Candlelit Dancing

Sometimes dates can come in the most unexpected ways. On Valentine’s Day, we had a wonderful candlelit dinner as a family. We listened to Frank Sinatra as we dined on[…]

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It’s been far too long since my last blog post. I can blame a whole host of things, including the holidays. Once November hits, it seems like I can barely[…]

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Work Date

Ok, this might sound like a crazy idea to some of you and not appealing. Then skip this post! Mathman and I always have projects to do. Mostly Mathman, since[…]

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If your family is anything like mine, finding time to get out of the house and go on a date can be a challenge. Although Mathman and I do seek to get out of the house on a date at least once a month, we want to date more than once a month! We aim to have at least one date a week- whether that is at home or away from home. By date, we mean quality time spent exclusively with each other. We easily fall in to the routine of crashing in front of the TV once our kids are in bed. So, to get out of that rut and to actually spend quality time together, we decided to get creative with date nights at home. Click the link below to read more!

Date-Night-In Ideas

Marriage Tidbits

I am in no way an expert on marriage. Mathman and I have been married ten years. Although we’ve learned our fair share of lessons through failure, God has been gracious to forgive and help us to grow. During some of the more recent marriage studies my husband and I have done, I’ve felt directed by the Lord to share what we are learning. Marriage IS hard work and it takes effort. It takes communication. It takes prayer. We’ve read many articles and books concerning marriage, and I want to share some tidbits about marriage with you.

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