Marriage Recipes

Marriage Recipes

When Mathman and I were engaged, our families threw us amazing showers. We were richly blessed by them. At one of our showers, we were given a binder that could serve as a recipe holder. Guests were asked to bring their favorite recipes to add to the binder. Today, that binder is completely filled up with our favorite, go-to recipes. In fact, it needs to divide in to two binders as I can barely fit anything else in it! Not only were our friends and family supposed to bring a recipe, but also they were supposed to bring a “recipe for marriage” with them. Recently, as I was looking through the front pocket of the binder (trying to organize the recipes I haphazardly threw in the front pocket without time to file them), I rediscovered these recipes for a good marriage. I enjoyed reading back through them and wanted to share some of the tidbits with you. It was especially special to read the marriage advice from my grandparents who both passed away during our first year of marriage.

Recipe 1:

Ingredients: One ounce of patience, tons of forgiveness, one generous dose of humor, unlimited love, complete trust in God, limited pride, loads of understanding, heaps of hugs and kisses. Directions: Use humor and patience when times get tough… forgiveness is needed regularly to keep communication open… the foundation of this recipe is complete trust in God.

Recipe 2:            

Ingredients: A husband, a wife, lots of sugar (hugs and kisses), honesty & openness, a helping hand, back rubs, compassion, laughter, prayer, patience & understanding, kindness, gentle hearts. Directions: When mixed together properly, your marriage will strengthen and deepen!

Recipe 3:

Always keep the lines of communication open and always be willing to compromise.

Recipe 4:

Love is a choice, choose it every day!

Recipe 5:

Ingredients: 1 husband, 1 wife, 1,000 ounces of patience, 40 cups of kindness, -1,000 ounces of envy, -40 cups of boastfulness, pride, selfishness, anger, revenge & evil, 1,000,000 tbsp protection, trust, hope, and perseverance. Directions: Mix well, pray daily; give thanks to God daily, don’t fall asleep angry, bake at a loving heat forever.

Recipe 6:

Don’t hold fear of your future. If you strive for a healthy marriage, you can make it reality…above all, keep God close to your heart.

Recipe 7:

Mix together the ingredients listed in 1 Corinthians 13. Sprinkle generously with Proverbs 3:5-6. Bake in God’s oven. Prevent burning with Colossians 3:12-15. Serve each other with the true meaning of Colossians 3:18-19.

Recipe 8:

Talk, talk, talk! Don’t let things bug you and just love one another totally!

Recipe 9:

Always keep God first in everything. Be patient with one another. Always remember what made you fall in love with each other.

Recipe 10:

When decisions arise, always try to consider FIRST answers that will please your spouse and then complete your answers in such a way as to please both of your needs. By taking into consideration each of your needs, your decisions will always be right for both of you… Welcome every day as an opportunity to have your love for one another grow into awesome heights; keeping God at the center of your life together. Never go to sleep without saying, “I love you!”