Work Date

Work Date

Ok, this might sound like a crazy idea to some of you and not appealing. Then skip this post! Mathman and I always have projects to do. Mostly Mathman, since he is the handy one. We bought a fixer-upper house and we are still in the process of renovations. Needless to say, things get piled up and never put away. Mainly in our basement. So, while the kids were away for a night, we decided to take advantage of our time together and have a work date night in. Get a little something accomplished. I mean, I could barely stand in front of the washer and dryer anymore…

We started as soon as Mathman got home from work. My goal was to clear off the air hockey table. This isn’t just some tiny little table, mind you. It is a huge, six player air hockey table that I saved up my money for back when I was a teen. Unfortunately, it’s a table and perfect for holding things. Well, my children are finally old enough to use the table, so I wanted it unearthed from the mounds of junk stored on top! An entire van full of donations and two huge trash bags later, we finished! It feels victorious and like I have a whole new basement. Now, for another work date in which we make curtains and spruce it up a little… One can dream!

A work date night would be a little boring and mundane without some fun, so the joy in this work date night was that we:

  1. Sat on the couch and watched TV while we ate our pizza (something we don’t do with the kids)
  2. Worked a little more.
  3. Enjoyed a delicious pumpkin dessert I made before Mathman got home (who wants to end a date night without dessert?!)
  4. Played a fantastic game of air hockey in which I beautifully won!
  5. Crashed on the couch when we were done and enjoyed a movie with the volume way up since no kids were home!

Now, go grab your spouse and work on something together! Be sure to have some fun while you are at it!