Hello! My name is Beth. I’m first and foremost a follower of Jesus Christ. I’m blessed to be the wife of Mathman. Together we have two precious little ones who keep us busy! We are a homeschooling family who loves to spend our time together. Mathman and I care deeply about marriage: strengthening marriage, communicating with one another, planning together, dreaming together, building one another up, serving each other, spending quality time together, and simply having fun and enjoying the life God has given us.

You might be wondering, just how did brownies bake a marriage anyways? Let me share with you our story of how brownies baked our marriage. When I was in high school, my brother decided to go nearly 700 miles away from home for college. My brother was dear to me, and so, during my school break, I went to visit him. When there, we went bowling with friends from his dorm hall. And that’s when I met Mathman. He was bringing joy and laughter to everyone around, and he immediately grabbed my attention. I quickly had my brother set it up that I could sit in on an education class with Mathman. Now shy old me wouldn’t dare say anything to Mathman about the million thoughts swirling through my head, and it was time for me to head home. Once home, I knew I wanted to keep in touch with Mathman, so I got his AOL instant messenger name (that just made me date myself). What a kind soul he had that he would give a junior in high school any time of day. But he did, and we developed a friendship. Baking was something that I loved (and still love) to do, and I had sent care packages to my brother that included food. But Mathman, he was special, and he deserved his own care package. So, Mathman received his very own brownies. Mathman loved my brownies. Little did I know, before he had met me, he even joked around with the other guys in the dorm about who would get to marry the girl who sent these brownies to my brother. They do say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! From there on, Mathman traveled 700 miles and took me to my senior prom, I came and attended the same college, and while I was a sophomore, he proposed to me.  And so, that’s how brownies baked a marriage. Of course, I can tease and say that brownies baked our marriage, but we do want to give all glory and thanksgiving to God who ordained our marriage.

“He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.” Proverbs 18:22