Date-Night-In Ideas

If your family is anything like mine, finding time to get out of the house and go on a date can be a challenge. Although Mathman and I do seek to get out of the house on a date at least once a month, we want to date more than once a month! We aim to have at least one date a week- whether that is at home or away from home. By date, we mean quality time spent exclusively with each other. We easily fall in to the routine of crashing in front of the TV once our kids are in bed. So, to get out of that rut and to actually spend quality time together, we decided to get creative with date nights at home.

These dates need to be fairly simple (and inexpensive).  Although we have a budget for dates, we allow for more money on our dates out than in. Also, dates at home need to be relatively easy to prepare and carry out. Remember, we are exhausted at the end of the day! Planning and preparation are important for us. If we don’t have a “scheduled” date time, we won’t do it. For us, we chose Thursdays to be our date-night-in night. It is usually a night in our home that doesn’t have other things going on. Flexibility is also important though; if one of us really is too tired or worn out after the kids are in bed, then we change our night or change what we planned to do. Some dates get us up and moving while other dates keep us sitting and more relaxed. I also aim to have the things we need for our date night prepared before our Thursday date night so that we can optimize the 90 minutes we have before we crash in bed.

I hope to inspire you and your spouse to spend quality time with easy date-night-in ideas that you can enjoy together. Make it a point to mark “date night” on your calendar. Start with a goal of one date-night-in a month. Enjoy your time together and HAVE FUN! Now go and look through my ideas for you and your spouse to try!

“Enjoy life with your wife, whom you love…” Ecclesiastes 9:9


  • Away in a Manger – Build an edible creation together and speak encouragement to one another, building each other up
  • Root Beer Float Date – Get some ice cream and root beer and make a root beer float while enjoying playing games together
  • Paper Airplane Night– Get some paper and your spouse and fly some airplanes!
  • Broom Golf– Grab a broom, plastic cup, and a light ball and enjoy the creativity of making your own mini golf course!
  • Card House Date-Night-In – Select your cards wisely, and build a masterpiece with your spouse!
  • Comedian-Date-Night-In – Grab some popcorn and watch some videos of comedians!
  • Valentine’s Day Crafty Night In – Take an evening and let the craftiness come out; get some wood and make a holiday sign!
  • Dream Date – Grab something good to eat and take some time to dream about things together!
  • Bowling – Save up some paper towel rolls, grab your slippers, and bowl together!
  • Baking Date-Night-In – Treat yourselves to a little special something you bake up together!
  • Work Date– Pick something to accomplish together and spice it up with some fun!